Important Dates: 2018/19


2018 FALL SESSION: September 11th – December 16th

CLOSED September 18th & 19th for Yom Kippur
CLOSED October 6th – October 8th for Thanksgiving
CLOSED Oct 31st for Halloween from 4:15pm onwards
Parent’s Week: December 3rd-16th (detailed schedule to come)
Holiday Camps: December 27-18th, 2018, January 2nd-4th,

2019 WINTER SESSION: January 7th – March 10th

CLOSED February 16th – 18th for Family Day Weekend
March Break Camp: March 11th-15th, 2019

2019 SPRING SESSION: March 18th – June 2nd

CLOSED April 19th – 26th for Easter & Passover
CLOSED May 18th – 20th for Victoria Day Weekend
Picture Week: TBA
Recital: TBA (End of May, Early June 2019)