About Us

Groove StudioSince 1999, Groove School of Dance has been a performing arts highlight for the Allenby Forest Hill community. When parents look for a dance class for kids in a structured, professional atmosphere built around fun, they find that here at Groove.

Without an emphasis on competition our focus on self-esteem and creativity is what keeps this company growing. Groove projects a real family atmosphere, whether it be the home-made costumes or the warm loving teachers who make sure each child feels like the individuals they are. Groove is also one of the first dance studios that encourages children with special needs. Over the years children with autism, downs syndrome, and visual and hearing impairment have danced here as well. Led by Angela Williams, Artistic Director of Groove School of Dance and Co-owner of Zodiactors Musical Theatre Company, Angela’s portfolio includes over 15 years of experience in jazz, ballet, gymnastics, hip hop, musical theatre and acro.

At Groove, we are proud to work with many amazing suppliers from marketingyourbusiness.ca who support and handle all of our marketing needs to Amanda Devries Graphic Design who helped us launch our new site. We are also proud of our 15 year partnership with both Zodiactors, who provide outstanding performing arts programs, and Zodiaccamp , where kids can enjoy March break and summer day camps.

We continue to enjoy “great and groovy photos and videos” from Neil Dankoff at Reaction Studios.